Zynga Closes Baltimore Studio, Consolidates Other Locations

GamesBeat is reporting that the Baltimore, Maryland studio that used to be headed up by veteran game developer Brian Reynolds has been shut down by social games publisher Zynga. The studio is responsible for CityVille 2, which Zynga has discontinued. A Zynga spokesperson said the company is trying to place those that were laid off from its Baltimore studio in other studios within the company.

The move is part of the company's promise to be more cost efficient. Zynga has laid off a number of employees, shuttered multiple studios, and discontinued various social games that they have deemed underperforming over the last several months. About 1 percent of its work force, or around 30 people, will be out of work as a result of these moves.

In addition to shutting down the Baltimore studio, Zynga will be consolidate several studios: its two Austin studios will be merged, as well as the two studios it operates in New York, and the McKinney, Texas studio will be moved to Dallas.

"While these decisions are always difficult, these steps will affect approximately 1 percent of our workforce and enable us to focus our resources on the most significant growth opportunities," chief operations officer David Ko said in a statement to GamesBeat today.

Brian Reynolds shared his thoughts on the studio closing today on Twitter:

Source: GamesBeat

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