Wii Mini Coming to Europe March 22

The Wii Mini, the feature-disabled version of the Wii that no one was clamoring for, is nonetheless coming to Europe. The special version of the console was released in Canada last year, though how it performed there is anyone's guess because Nintendo has not released any sales data on it yet. Nintendo announced that it will release the Wii Mini on March 22, and will also be releasing a budget range (dubbed "Nintendo Selects") of games that includes such popular titles as Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario…

In case you don't remember when Nintendo announced the console last year, the Wii Mini is a budget-minded system designed for "families" that strips away some features like 480p and component video functionality, wi-fi capabilities and Internet connectivity. We all know how much families hate the Internet, wi-fi, and better graphics, after all.

The Wii Mini will not be coming to America, according to Nintendo, though it is likely that it will find its way to other regions throughout the world where a pared down version of the console would be deemed perfectly acceptable.

Source: GII


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