Chinese Government Cracks Down on Web Sites in the Name of Combating Pornography

The Chinese government has shut down a total of 225 websites, more than 4,000 micro blogging sites and 30,000 Internet accounts, according to a report on Polygon citing an announcement from China’s State Internet Information Office. Some of those sites include popular gaming sites within China, and more may be closing in the not-too-distant future due to a new campaign by the government to shut down video-sharing and gaming sites that distribute "pornographic imagery."

One might think this is a good thing (depending on your idea of morality), but since we are talking about a definition of "pornographic imagery" crafted by the Chinese government, the criteria for a take-down could be dubious at best.

Some of the sites that have already been shut down will be punished under the law. Those sites were found guilty of posting pornographic images, articles, films, self-made videos and advertisements for prostitutes, according to Polygon. The Chinese government agency claims that it received at least 70,000 tip offs for more than 450 websites during the campaign last month.

According to the State Internet Information Office, most of the sites shut down were also found to be "unregistered." Under Chinese laws, web sites have to be registered with government departments. The office has advised the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to punish the telecommunications providers of the offending websites.

In a bid to deal with other unregistered sites, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also launch a national campaign against them – in addition to targeting sites it determines have forged site licenses. The agency has also asked Chinese telecommunication providers to punish those who run the sites and to those who provide them with the service.

Source: Polygon

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