EA and Human Rights Campaign to Host LGBT Full Spectrum Event Next Week

We mentioned this in passing when we reported on EA and other game companies signing onto an amicus brief supporting the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, but the event deserves a little more attention: On March 7 Electronic Arts and the Human Rights Campaign will host an event to address the full spectrum of LGBT issues in gaming in New York City.

The half day event will discuss the origins of homophobia in games, the development of authentic LGBT characters and scenarios in games, a discussion on the differences between exclusive and inclusive language and what can be done by members of the video game industry to promote inclusive work environments for LGBT employees in the digital entertainment industry.

This event will feature members from the HRC, the Ford Foundation, and videogame developers and professionals. NFL linebacker and Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens will also take part in a fireside chat to discuss the challenges of creating an "inclusive culture and supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage despite harsh criticism and opposition."

We hope to have more details on this event next week.

Source: Kotaku

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    HarmlessBunny says:

    Now I have my own criticisms with Bioware, but in Mass Effect III where did you lose points? If you were a male character and turned down Cortez, he basically goes: "Fair enough! You are a great friend". Thaaaaaaaat doesn't sound like losing points. In fact you go down the story and interact with Cortez, it is easy to see why he would start to have an interest in Sheppard. I thought it was a rather good moment in writing in the game. Plus Cortez didn't seem needy or harassing at all.

    In Dragon Age II however; yes reputation was lost with Anders. However if you were turned down by a person you were attracted to (in Hawkes case Anders could be instantly shot down) that would sour your mood as well, would it not? I picked one of the other choices and Anders still had a high reputation with my character due to the choices I made. Yes, it may seem Anders was a bit more forward and forceful, but that is who he is as a character.

    The whole arguement: "Losing points if you aren't gay" is pretty much null and void. It is HOW you do it that defines the game.

    One I thing I will concede; in prior games like Jade Empire, the same sex relations were better written.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    I didn't realize that rape, attempted or otherwise, gay or otherwise, was in any Bioware game.

    Now, feeling sexually harassed is valid concern and I do not know enough about the relationship engines in any of those games to give a second opinion.

    If the games do not allow you to create a valid friendship with a gay character without it turning into a gay love affair, that is a weakness of the engine. But again, I do not know enough about the relationship engine in the games to comment.

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    bluelightrevival says:

    And how many straight guys hit on women when really they are harassing women? You got a problem with that.

    If a gay guy hits on you just let it go stop acting like a child.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    My issue with Bioware / EA trying to input homosexual relationships and stories in games is that they do it very poorly. Before EA…BIOWARE did a wonderful job writing in homosexual relationships. Its something that developed naturally if you chose the correct path towards your followers.

    Problem now is EA and Bioware feel that homosexuals in-game must sexually harass you as the player and they think bringing out the worst stereotypes about gays is somehow a good thing. One problem Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 had even with some gay gamers was that it made you lose points for not being gay.

    In Dragon Age 2 if you were a male character you were given three choices with Anders at the beginning of the game. Two would start a relationship and the third was a negative choice which gave you the bad red points. Same thing happened in Mass Effect 3. Now many Gays and Liberals stuck up for Bioware after many gay and straight gamers came out about this because they felt this pushed people into a progressive gay relationship and forcefully exposed them to gay people sexually harassing you and gay relationships.

    Problem was the entire game you felt like you were being sexually harassed and everyone out there was trying to rape you as a male character. When you're trying to push an agenda or political agenda you should not need to sexually harass the player to make them more tolerant.

    I do not think the new staff at Bioware or EA is qualified anymore to write in meaningful homosexual relationships because as of now whether they realize it or not in-game when they force it in they make all homosexuals look like sex predators.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Let's face it right now the majority of people in the United States are against gays and their culture. Making a game and having men sexually harass you isn't going to win votes and the hearts and minds of people. Yes the most uber Liberals and various gays see this as an instance to force you to have a gay relationship but again it's like saying, 'okay its okay to have a gay guy sexually harass you like he is going to rape you but do that to a woman and thats not cool. '

    Having someone constantly sexually harass you does not promote or help the gay agenda. Though it does help promote people who are pissed off or are on the fence against gay relationships in general because it furthers the stereotype gays cannot keep it in their pants and just want to hump everything moving that's why they are disease ridden and still to this day cannot even donate blood.

    Let's be honest because if you support Gay men sexually harassing every male player in a EA game thats not going to help promote your agenda nor will it help.

    I mean, do you seriously think by sexually harassing men by gay characters will actually help your cause?

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