Four Days Remain to Fund Project Awakened

March 1, 2013 -

Project Awakened, a game that lets you play a highly customized super being of your own making is nearing the half-way mark of its funding goal on Kickstarter but only four more days remain for developer Phosphor Games Studio to raise the rest of the funds. As of this writing, Phosphor Games has raised $210,596 of its $500,000 goal from 5,324 backers. To draw more attention to the Unreal Engine 4-powered game, the developers have pointed out just how mod-able this game is in a new video showcasing a sci-fi theme with guns and a fantasy theme with swords and skeletons.

Phosphor also announced that Austin Wintory, who just won a D.I.C.E. Award for "Best Score" for Journey and garnered the FIRST EVER Grammy nomination for video game music, will be composing the musical score for the game. They have also released a new Unreal Engine 4 tech demo reel showcasing the game.

First the Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo video:

And here is the modding video:

When asked in a comment in one of the videos what it would do if the crowd funding campaign failed, Phosphor Games said that it would continue to work on the game but a beta test in 2014 would not be a likelihood.

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Re: Four Days Remain to Fund Project Awakened

Dang...  This may turn out to be the first Kickstarter I've got on board with that won't make its goal.

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