A Little Birdee Told Me: New App Teaches Children About Sex in a Safe and Friendly Way

Your young son or daughter comes home and asks the one question you worried that you would inevitably have to answer since the day they were born into this world: "Where do babies come from?" Well as Apple used to be fond of saying, there's now an "app for that." It's called Birdees, and it is an educational app for iOS devices created by Vancouver-based educational entertainment software developer GoTo Educational Technology Inc.

"We’ve collaborated with some of the best sex educators in the field to ensure the content is accurate, up to date and as comprehensive as possible. We’ve left no stone unturned!" said GoTo Educational Technology Co-founder Mary Roka. "Knowledge is protection. Sexuality is a topic best started young in bite size pieces, so parents can instill their values through teaching and establishing themselves as approachable. When the tough conversations happen later in life, the trust, respect and communication have already been established."

Created in consultation with health professionals and researchers, Birdees helps parents teach their children what they need to know about sexual health, when they need to know it,  and more in a fun and interactive way. It covers some pretty harrowing topics for parents too – like that whole "baby" question, inappropriate contact, and more.

The app comes in several different modules including one for ages 2 – 5 and another for ages 6 – 7. There's also a section to be used by parents, who have full access to all of the app's features and modules. The app also provides parents with direct access to sex educators so they can ask any additional questions. GoTo Educational Technology plans to create more modules for older age groups such as 9 – 12 year olds and ages 13 – 15+.

You can find the basic version of the app on iTunes right now, or if you'd like a little information first, you can check out the app's official web site at www.birdeesapp.com. Birdees modules are priced at $4.99 each and currently include the Chickadee Module (ages 2-5) and Pipit Module (ages 6-8), or $8.99 for both age groups. 

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