Nintendo Mini Moves Over 35K Units in Canada

Earlier in the week we reported that Nintendo announced plans to bring the budget minded Wii Mini to the United Kingdom after launching it in Canada back in December. One of the things we did not know was just how well the scaled down console was performing at retail in Canada. Popular Nintendo-focused web site Nintendo World Report offers some insight on that today. According to NWR, the Nintendo Mini has sold 35,700 units across Canada – from launch to January 31. The data comes directly from Nintendo of Canada's Communications Manager, Matt Ryan.

When asked about the console's performance in Canada, Ryan said that the "Canadian market has reacted positively to the great value the system has to offer, and we are seeing this reflected in the sales numbers."

The budget minded console was launched on December 7 in Canada and retails for $99.99 CAN. It will launch in Europe next month. The Wii Mini lacks some of the more robust features of its older sibling including the lack of backwards compatibility with GameCube titles and peripherals, SD card support, and online connectivity. It also doesn't offer support for higher resolutions.

Source: Nintendo World Report


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