Retro City Rampage Developer: Game Sells Better on PSN than on XBLA or Steam

Update: We didn't have to wait long to hear Vblank Entertainment's thoughts on WiiWare. Speaking to Nintendo Life exclusively in an interview to be published in full over the weekend, Brian Provinciano called the WiiWare release a $20,000 gift to Wii fans. He asks everyone to go buy it so he can recoup some of those costs.

Original Story: While Retro City Rampage has been a moderate success on some platforms, the game's developer Brian Provinciano says that his indie hit has enjoyed more success on PlayStation Network than any other digital platform. Provinciano claims that his retro-themed classic style action game has done more volume on PlayStation Network than the Xbox Live version of the game and even the PC release on Steam. The game was also released as a free perk via Sony's PSN-based subscription service PlayStation Plus, but the numbers Provinciano refers to are for the PS Vita (and PS3) version released on PSN and exclude the Plus giveaways.

Provinciano had very little positive talk for the whole process of getting his game on XBLA, which turned out not to perform as well despite the hassles:

"Two bouts of six plus months of pitching, paperwork, negotiation just to get onto XBLA," he said. "It's absurd. They don't make it easy. It cost more to do the XBLA version than all other SKUs combined. Made more on all other platforms. I'll definitely be doing another Vita game!"

"Nintendo's great to work with. Both Sony and Nintendo are welcoming to indies," he added.

The game was released on the Wii's virtual store front yesterday, so we'll see what Provinciano thinks of Nintendo's handling of his game after that happens.

Source: MCV


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