Gaming World Wide and Rize Up Gaming Team Up

Gaming World Wide has teamed up with Rize Up Gaming to bring their charity efforts to a community that believes in creating a positive social atmosphere for gamers of all stripes. Gaming World Wide describes itself as "an organization dedicated to enhancing gaming through positive and charitable acts," while Rize Up Gaming describes itself as a community that entertains its members while "promoting tolerance, opposing discrimination and prejudice, and creating healthier communities for future gamers."

“Rize Up Gaming is proud to join forces Good Gaming World Wide. To strengthen and better a community it takes work from many different avenues, and this brings a few together to better the gaming culture,” said Rize Up Gaming founder Rev.

"Making a difference in gaming culture requires a team effort, and I'm incredibly pleased to see two difference-making organizations pooling their resources like this. It is the kind of thing that can only make gaming culture that much stronger," said Patrick Scott Patterson, a GWW affiliate.

For more information on GWW, visit, and to learn more about Rize Up Gaming, check out

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