Jerry Bruckheimer Games Shuts Down

March 4, 2013 -

Remember that thing back in 2007 where Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer said he would make some video games with a studio he set up called Jerry Bruckheimer Games? Yeah, that's not happening anymore. While the studio set up by the Pirates of the Caribbean producer never officially announced any games, it was common knowledge that he had at least three game projects in mind at the onset of his endeavor.

A representative from Bruckheimer Films confirmed with GameSpot that the studio was no longer moving forward.

"Jerry Bruckheimer Games is no longer active," the representative said.

When asked if "no longer active" meant the possibility of future plans at a later date the rep. added that it meant it was "no longer a functioning entity."

Further proof that the outfit once described as a "game incubation studio" is now dead can be found at its web site - - which now redirects to Bruckheimer's film website.

Jerry Bruckheimer Games founding presidents Jim Veevaert and Jay Cohen also exited stage left awhile ago: Veevaert is the general manager at Zynga, while Jay Cohen - who left last year - is the current chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Source: GameSpot



Re: Jerry Bruckheimer Games Shuts Down

When I read it way back then it reminded me of when a kid thinks he has the most amazing idea for a game and wants someone to make it. But when looked at by someone in the business there usually ends up being some pretty obvious reasons why the game wouldn't be good, or just isn't possible to make.

I was thinking of this guy as the kid, but he had money to pay people to make his games.

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