Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles

March 4, 2013 -

Speaking to MCV recently Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated the obvious: the Wii U needs to sell more units. The topic came up because Guillemot was talking about all the resources his company has green lighted for Ubisoft Montreal - the studio developing Watch Dogs. That game will also be coming to the Wii U, amongst other platforms.

"We think Wii U is a great machine. But it just has to sell more," Guillemot said.

Obviously there's no ultimatum attached to that statement, and it's a fact that Nintendo and third parties that want to continue to support it hope, but it's never helpful when a publishing partner starts commenting on your platform's performance at retail.

As for Watch Dogs, Guillemot says that after the game's showing last year at E3 and how much praise it garnered, he decided that the development team behind it needed to have whatever resources they required to create the best possible game.

"E3 was a great revelation for Watch Dogs," Guillemot told MCV. "It gave us a chance to increase the whole project, giving the studio the chance to have bigger teams to help them achieve this goal they have.

"You always have great ideas, but you need enough people to bring it to life. After E3, we really made sure they had all the teams they needed and all the capacity they wanted to fulfill their dream."

"It’s an open world, that is well-adapted to what people want to play today. So there’s good potential for success," he added.

Given Ubisoft's shift earlier this year in making Rayman Legends a multi-format title (it was once a Wii U exclusive), Ubisoft seems to have a certain perspective on the viability of the Wii U - at least in the short term. Despite this, Guillemot insists Ubisoft is still committed to Nintendo's console.

Source: MCV


Re: Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles

I was going to say "I think Ubisoft is a great developer. But it needs to sell more games on the Wii U", but I kept retching at the first sentence.

Re: Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles

Well on the development side they do have a good track record. It's the publishing side that makes people vomit.

Re: Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles

Does anyone remember when Ubisoft delayed finished games on the PS3 and 360 at their respective launches, and talked crap about their launch sales (which were abysmal compared to Wii U's, btw)?

Me, neither.

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Re: Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles

Ah ubisoft, just when I think you couldn't slink any further down and lose more of my respect...

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