Fans Suffer From SimCity Launch Day Hiccups

As is often the case with games that rely heavily on "always online" schemes, EA's SimCity had a bit of trouble today as it officially launched servers for the latest entry in the popular city building simulation. EA's biggest problem seems to be related to its digital distribution platform Origin, which has struggled to keep up with fans' demand to buy and play the game on launch day. Users have encountered a number of problems today including trouble downloading their digitally purchased copies and problems with unlocking physical copies of the game.

"We are still in the process of delivering SimCity to some US customers, but the majority has been fulfilled," Marcel Hatam, global community manager, told Polygon via Twitter.

The official Origin Twitter account has also been giving status updates to the community:

"We are continuing to distribute SimCity as quickly as possible," it said. "You should receive your game within the next one and a half hours."

As of this writing SimCity players in America have claimed that they are being subjected to 30 minute queues to join the servers that will allow them to play the single player game. Diablo III, a game that also required always on connection even for the single player game, had similar problems at launch, though most of the problems are likely attributable to high user demand.

Source: GII


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