Report: EA Closes BioWare San Francisco, Lays Off Staff

GamesRadar is reporting that BioWare San Francisco has been shut down and all of its 25 – 30 employees have been laid off, a source within the company tells the publication. The studio, formerly known as EA2D, developed the Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends and Mirror's Edge 2D for browsers.

GamesRadar's source claims that Electronic Arts apparently came to the conclusion that it was "too expensive" to develop mobile games in Redwood Shores, CA.

Electronic Arts has not confirmed the layoffs or the closure of the studio at this early hour. We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: GamesRadar by way of Andrew Eisen.


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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I'm sorry but that is not true. SWTOR was in development way before EA bought them out. We are talking about trying to make it happen going back to 2005-2006 when Bioware had licensed an unfinished Hero Engine. Bioware had to spent more money to convince them to sell it to them but it happened. Bioware unlike many other EA enities had great freedom because of their track record making games that appeal to their customers.


    Many former Bioware workers who left after this new take over blame Bioware not EA.

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    NyuRena says:

    Bioware died when they let EA buy them up and are now in a coma on life support. The plug may get pulled soon….

    I really hope EA lets them return to making good games on whatever time table it takes and not rushing it out the door or muddling the gameplay for "Maximum appeal" to satisfy their stockholders. (not holding my breath.) 

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    If Dragon Age 3 fails David Gaider and the rest of the staff at Bioware will join Stanley Woo in the unemployment line.

    How do you explain to prospective employers your PUBLIC track record insulting customers and literally attacking them? Bioware has a lot more hurting coming to them and quite frankly they deserve everything coming. EA can only defend them so long and since they need EA’s money not the customer they now view us as ‘fans’ and not customers and they make works that appeal to them.

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