GamePocalypse 2013: A Charity Event to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

Bottomline Guild announced its plans to host a 24-hour online gaming marathon to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project called GamePocalypse 2013. This massive gaming event will take place within the virtual worlds of Rift, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and PlanetSide 2. Gamers will be participating in events running for 24 hours, starting at 12:00AM Central Standard Time, March 16th, 2013. All proceeds from the GamePocalypse 2013 event will go directly to charity. GamePocalypse organizers hope to raise $50,000 for the troops when the dust settles.

As part of the event, FleshEatingZipper will be donating prizes courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment like PlanetSide 2 hoodies and t-shirts.

Rob Morris, FleshEatingZipper's Senior Talentless Bum, is ecstatic for the event. "The chance for a bunch of gamers to give back to those who have fought for our safety and freedom was something we couldn't pass up. Where's the sign up sheet?"

Other GamePocalypse 2013 sponsors include, who will be raffling off a gaming PC, and Rounds Down Range. A number of large gaming guilds will also be participating in the event – inside PlanetSide 2. Those guilds are Agony, Azure Twilight, Black Widow Company, NoNonsenseGamers, Sons of Odin, and ZCompany. Bottomline Guild will be doing its heavy lifting in World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Rift.

"It [GamePocalypse 2013] represents two things that are dear to me: playing games and helping others that are in need. With GamePocalypse, I get to do both!" said Rycon, Event Coordinator for Bottomline Guild.

More information about GamePocalypse 2013 can be found at In addition to their recent work with the Wounded Warrior Project, Bottomline also hold charity events to support Extra-Life.


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