GOG Promotes Old SimCity With New SimCity Jab

In a cheeky promotion to support its SimCity back catalog title, Good Old Games takes a slight dig at the problems associated with the new SimCity game during its launch. In a tweet offering an alternative to the trials and tribulations of connecting to EA servers, GOG says that it has a SimCity game that you won't have any trouble playing.

While it's kind of a funny promotion, people that are having trouble playing the new game probably don't think it's all that amusing. Still we'll file this one under the category "you can't beat the classics."

And eventually EA will straighten out its launch day troubles just like Blizzard eventually did with Diablo III. Still, developers and publishers should learn a lesson about the perils of their games requiring a constant connection to a server in order to play… or at the very least have a better way of saving the game's state when a game session crashes / gets disconnected…

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the link.

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