inXile: Torment Pre-Production Will Not Affect Wasteland 2 Progress

While the crowd funding campaign for Torment is going gang busters on its first day, developer inXile is taking a preemptive strike against anyone ready to accuse it of neglecting its previously crowd funded project Wasteland 2. In a brief post on Facebook (promoting this IGN article) inXile assured the thousands of backers of that project that putting Torment into pre-production will not affect Wasteland 2 in any way, shape, or form.

"Many of you may be reading about our intention to put Torment into pre-production," the company wrote on Facebook. "Rest assured this has no impact on Wasteland 2 and it is typical for developers to have the next game cued up and fully designed while the current game is completed. The production team is fully focused on just making Wasteland 2 the best."

inXile raised $2,933,252 for Wasteland when its crowd funding campaign concluded. Torment is already on track to come close to that if it maintains the ridiculous momentum it has had on day one…


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