No Plans for Skylanders-Style Lego Game, Says TT

March 6, 2013 -

As part of an interview with NowGamer, TT Fusion’s lead dev on Lego City Undercover, Loz Doyle, says that the company has no interest in creating a Skylanders-style Lego game that uses toys and the Wii U GamePad’s NFC chip. The Wii U controller has a built-in NFC chip which allows toys and cards to be scanned into a game. Skylanders uses the same technology with its mini figures and its portal peripheral.

"It's not something we're looking at right now, no," he told NowGamer.

Nintendo claims that it is working on several NFC titles and Disney is working on a Skylanders-style game called Disney Universe.

The full interview with NowGamer will be published later today.

In case you missed it, we talked extensively about this very topic on Super Podcast Action Committee Episode 43.

Source: NowGamer



Re: No Plans for Skylanders-Style Lego Game, Says TT

Hmm, possibly Lego minifigures that makes use of the NFC sensor on the gamepad? I can't say I'm not intrigued by the idea. However, it would have helped if they included something in Nintendo land or at least withthe console to demonstrate this feature.

And I misread, but I still like the ideas so long as not having the extra items doesn't hamper the game.

Re: No Plans for Skylanders-Style Lego Game, Says TT

I like unlocking characters through achievements in gameplay.  I absolutely will not tolerate having to buy a minifig to unlock the corresponding character in the game I already paid full price for.

Aside from that, what's more accommodating to gameplay: selecting one of 60+ characters out of an in-game menu or finding the appropriate toy in your room and tapping it on the GamePad?


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