Adams Sessler Lays Into God of War Ascension for Blatant Misogyny

Update: PlayStation Lifestyle has an extensive trophy list (may contain spoilers) that lists the "Bros before Hos" trophy being earned by escaping the "Fury ambush," and not by simply curb stomping a Fury.

Original Story: The trophy is part of the story and therefore cannot be missed. Adam Sessler, former G4 Network personality and former host of X-Play lays into Sony's latest God of War game for committing a blatant act of misogyny. In a video review (to your left) of God of War Ascension for Rev3Games, Sessler points out a trophy you unlock after face stomping a Fury (a female enemy). The first time you do this you unlock a trophy called "Bros before Hos" in the game (you can see it in the video at the 7:26 mark).

We'll let Sessler speak for himself in the video but the combination of face-stomping a female enemy and then earning the questionably titled trophy does seem a bit beyond the pale.

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