Apple Files Patent for System to Resell Digital Goods

Apparently Apple has filed a patent application that would allow them to – get this – develop a system that would allow the resale and transfer of "used" digital goods. The new patent application published by the USPTO shows how Apple might be able to enable users to resell or lend digital content they’ve purchased in the past. The patent accounts for transfers that can take place either through the original content provider’s store or directly between users. The method described would also allow for transfers of content that is stored in the cloud.

Ownership history would be established on all digital properties under the system, making sure that the person who purchased it always has access to it and has the right resell it.

You can check out the patent here.

Source: TechCrunch


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  1. 0
    Conster says:

    Don't be ridiculous. Suing people for 'infringing' on a patent even though the offending use pre-dates the patent is Sega's thing now. They'd sue Apple for trademark violation.

  2. 0
    Left4Dead says:

    Like that will ever happen as long as Patents are expensive/cost money to obtain.  It would significantly cut into revenues.

    -- Left4Dead --

  3. 0
    Degraine says:

    This is why the US Patent Office should crowdsource this shit. So we can bury them under PRIOR ART notifications for ridiculous shit like this.

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