CDC Asks Plague Inc. Maker to Give Lecture in March

Polygon has an interesting interview with Plague Inc. developer James Vaughan, who reveals to the publication that he has been asked to speak to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Plague Inc. is a unique strategy game for iOS that lets the play take control of a deadly pathogen and infect one person – patient zero – with the end goal being to spread the plague to every corner of the globe.

Vaughan says that the CDC reached out to him because they were all playing his game and were fascinated by it. While Vaughan acknowledges that his game is not a precise simulation of how infectious diseases spread, he did do his best to make the game as scientifically plausible as possible. Vaughan has no medical background and made the iOS game as a hobby.

As for what the CDC wants him to talk about, he mentions two things:

"They're interested in how [the plague is] spread," he told Polygon. "They're also very keen on how games like Plague Inc. can be used to inform the public about health issues and raise public awareness of these issues."

Vaughan will speak at the CDC a week before the Game Developers Conference, but his presentation will not be open to the public.

You can learn more about the game at Plague Inc. is available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Polygon

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    Wymorence says:

    I've only played Plague Inc.'s free version twice now and started in Madagascar both times (mainly due to nightmares of Pandemic 2's "ZOMG CLOSE DOWN EVERAHTHING!" meme). Both times I wiped out humanity fairly easily, the cure being at around 75% for my bacteria and 50% for my virus.

    I do find the paywall to be insanely obtrusive in PI though. You can't fast forward time, you can't mutate your disease's DNA with different things prior to starting the game, there's "cheats" that seem to be paying customers only as well as other disease-types… It's not a BAD game per say, just irritating that they keep it up so heavily with wanting you to buy the full paid version.

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    kefkakrazy says:

    I'm slightly confused. I tried Plague Inc for a few minutes, but it struck me as a blatant clone of Pandemic/Pandemic II, with a bunch of features behind a paywall if you're playing the free version.


    Were they developed by the same guy, or what?

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I love suppressing all the visible symptoms of my disease, waiting, biding my time until the entire planet is infected and still completely unaware of me.  then I flip the switch on all the nasty, deadly symptoms and watch the population plummet…  >:D

    Also, Greenland sucks ass.

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