Indie Gala Flash Bundle Offers Nine Games

If the Humble Bundle isn't offering any games you want in its latest bundle then you may want to spend your money on the Indie Gala Flash Bundle. By paying as little as $1, you can pick up three DRM-free games: Ice-pick Lodge's first-person adventure game Pathologic, Crimson Cow's The Abbey, and a Steam key for Keen Software House's multiplayer action game Miner Wars Arena.

Paying more than the average price will get you Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (plus DLC), Keen Software House's Miner Wars 2081, Matt Cohen's Paranormal, exDream's Fireburst, Dust Devil Studios' Zombie Pirates, and Deepred's Vegas Make It Big. The current average price is $5.30. The charity of choice for this bundle is the AbleGamers Foundation.

Organizers claim that this entire package is worth about $75, so if you can pay more than the average price, you probably should.

You can find out more about this bundle at

Source: IndieGames


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