Let’s (try to) Play SimCity

Andrew Eisen plays a little game called Let's Try to Connect to SimCity and Play the Game. It's a game that was sweeping the nation this week, but unlike the hula-hoop or baseball, this week's American pastime was not that much fun. Check out Andrew's reenactment of what a typical SimCity player probably went through this week.

A couple of notes: Andrew did not buy SimCity and his depiction of playing the game (or waiting to play the game, as it were) was fictitious. Considering how much he has talked about the ills of DRM in general and always-online DRM in particular we would think it pretty damn odd if he did buy SimCity at all given that we have known for quite some time that it would include such horrific requirements.. Anyway enjoy the video!


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    black manta says:

    The only thing that would have made it better is if you had a third dissolve showing a skeleton with a long white beard!

    Oooo!  Cheap shot at the Disney theme parks!  Could be said though of most theme parks today.  And it would be true, unless maybe you had an E Ticket.  That's kind of like an express pass where you would be told what time to board the ride, and you'd be able to go straight to it without waiting.  You pay extra for it, but my understanding is it's worth it if you don't like the lines.

    I'm guessing though that the equivalent in Sim City is that EA basically took out the E Ticket in the form of stuff like the Cheetah mode.

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