Poll Results: Should IP Owners Allow Fan Projects

We have the results from last week's poll "Should IP owners allow fan projects like the My Little Pony fighting game?" – if you didn't happen to catch them on this week's episode of the Super Podcast Action Committee.

This week 584 votes were cast on this subject – thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.

The majority of voters said that rights holders should allow fan-made projects to use IP to create games and other media that pay homage to the IP they are based on. Approximately 77 percent of the votes (451 votes) chose option #2: Yes, with restrictions (Examples: not for profit, clearly labeled as unofficial, etc.). Only 12 percent (69 votes) voted "No, Use your own damn characters," and only 11 percent (64 votes) believe that fan-made projects should be allowed with absolutely no restrictions at all – in other words, anything can be made and it can be used to generate some sort of profit…

Again we'd like to thank everyone who voted last week – look for a brand new poll soon!


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