Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

March 11, 2013 -

On this week's show, hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight discuss the first Tropes vs. Women video, "Bronies" and if rights holders should be a little kinder to fan projects, and the nightmarish launch of SimCity this week. Download Episode 44 now: SuperPAC Episode 44 (1 hour, 6 minutes) 60.4 MB.

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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

Speaking of women and games, I saw the Sarkeesian video.  On the whole I was generally pleased with it, as was my wife.  I don't know what gamers were really expecting from this.  Based on all the the vitriol she was getting, you'd think she was going to be to video games what Andrea Dworkin was to porn.  But she was far from that.  I'm not that familiar with her larger body of work either.  But she was far from being the militant feminist that people were painting her as.  I thought, though, that towards the end she all but said this trope was bad and it should no longer be used.

I have to agree with a piece Jim Sterling did last year when the controversy was at its height: that had it not been for the harassment from the gaming community, this video series would have come and gone with hardly anyone noticing outside of those already familiar with Ms. Sarkeesian's work.  And that because of said harassment, the opportunity to have an intelligent, rational discussion with her has been lost.   In that respect, like Andrew, I don't really blame Ms. Sarkeesian for disabling the comments on her video, given what she had to deal with in the lead-up to this.  But it's a shame nevertheless.

I think the gaming community really needs to get over this knee-jerk siege mentality they get into whenever someone is even slightly critical of the medium.  I know that comes from years of dealing with the likes of Jack Thompson and Dave Grossman, but Anita Arkeesian is nowhere close to their level.  There are some real, legitimate issues in gaming that merit discussion.  And if gaming is to move beyond these tropes and evolve, we need to be able to talk about them.  So I'm glad that she's willing to call some of those issues to our attention.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

" I know that comes from years of dealing with the likes of Jack Thompson and Dave Grossman, but Anita Arkeesian is nowhere close to their level."

I think the thing that really sets her apart from the rest is that she had plans to actually buy and play many of the games she was planning on critiquing. Can't say the same for Dave or John Bruce.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

Actually, yes, there is a term for female fans of MLP: FiM.  They're called "Pegasisters." :)

Also it sounds from you as if the Fighting is Magic game is dead.  It isn't.  As an earlier article here pointed out, the show's creator, Lauren Faust herself, came to the rescue and gave it her blessing, putting up her own money to get it finished under the proviso that they couldn't use the 6 primary characters from the show (called the Mane 6 by fans, hence the name of the development team).

Instead, the idea is either Faust will come up with 6 new original characters to replace them, or it might end up morphing into something having to do with her other original project she's been trying to get off the ground: Galaxy Girls.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

The game that people wanted is dead. Sure the new game might live up to expectations with all new characters, but the biggest draw of the game as it was was having the "Mane 6" characters. Personally, I was looking forward to playing as Flutter Shy not generic Pegasus #2.

But if they can pull off a great game without the use of the MLP franchise, then more power to them.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 44

I wouldn't say it's "dead."  It just won't exist in its original form.  The idea of a fighting game based on MLP is still there.  Just not with the Mane 6.  Yeah, I was kind of disappointed I won't be able to play as Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie.  But them's the breaks.  Now there probably won't be much to set it apart from other female-centric fighting games like Skullgirls, in that they won't have characters that are immediately recognizable or that anyone would care about.

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