Humble Bundle 5 with Android Generates over $1 Million in Sales, Adds Three New Games

Humble Bundle 5 with Android has added three more games into the mix to entice those who have yet to purchase this pay-what-you-want DRM-free PC and Android game bundle – and to reward those who have already taken the plunge. The new Android/Windows/Mac/Linux games include Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Splice, and Crayon Physics Deluxe. Soundtracks are also included. Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, NightSky HD, Super Hexagon, and Dungeon Defenders.

So far the Humble Bundle 5 with Android has raised $1,043,186.99 from the sale of 156,493 bundles. The average price is currently hovering at $6.67, so if you want all the games and all the little extras you'll have to pay more than that.

You can find out more at If you've already purchased the Humble Bundle and paid more than the average price then these three new games are waiting for you to download them right now.


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