EA Nominated for the 2013 Worst Company in America Award

Electronic Arts has earned the dubious distinction of being named a contender again this year (it won last year) for the annual Consumerist award, the 2013 Worst Company in America award. EA will have some stiff competition this year including Bank of America, AT&T, Ticketmaster, Comcast, PayPal, and Sallie Mae – amongst many others. Some notable inclusions for this year include Carnival Cruise (for its “Poop Cruise”), JC Penney, and Anheuser-Busch.

Winners are determined in a deathmatch-style tournament bracket play-offs. Fans vote for their favorite (least favorite?) company to advance. Eventually it will be two final horrible companies slugging it out for your ultimate disapproval.

Starting tomorrow, the Consumerist will begin launching two to three WCIA bouts per day. Voting will only be open for three hours for each poll.

To find out more, visit The Consumerist.

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    kurifu says:

    Recency Bias has a lot to do with EA's nomination I suspect.

    My personal view is that the awards are more an attempt at entertainment than insightful.

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    silversnowfox says:

    Never underestimate the power of people venting their frustration.
    People feel that banks are untouchable, and no matter what happens, they're here to stay.
    The same with countless other companies.  If a company becomes and international conglomerate, no matter how you hack and slash one head, the body still lives.  And people know this.

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    locopuyo says:

    Agreed.  EA is bad in a lot of ways but they aren't destroying people's lives like Monsanto, or doing anything in the horror stories I've heard about Bank of America.  

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    Lichbane says:

    I'm sure Monsanto would be pleased …. at least they would be if they gave a damn.

    EA is a pretty shit company, but 'gamer rage' is just a bit over the top.  There are a lot worse companies in the US than EA.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    I haven't read Consumerist since then (though that was not the tipping point for me. The general quality of their work and more has decreased significantly since their buyout from Gawker Media).

    I personally think a lot of people need to re-evaluate their priorities if a video game publisher is actually the worse company in America. Each and every time they won a bracket, I just shook my head in disappointment (but not disbelief). Then, to put the icing on the cake, people actually decided that a video game company is a more worse entity than a Bank (more accurately, a bank which cut 16,000 jobs in 2011-2012 (of an intended 36,000 by 2014) alone – yet saw significant profit increases across the board and continues to see such, was accused of fraud and paid a $137 million dollar fine to go away (and that's on top of the kangaroo settlement they tried in 2009), and all the crap in 2008) because they were mad about a video game…


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    PHX Corp says:

    I personally think EA is going to win a second time in a row largely because of the SimCity Debacle that took place earlier this month not to mention they're going to make jokes about larry probst(i.e the man who made EA into the evil empire) over the mess

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