Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Debuts with Bastion

March 19, 2013 -

The first Humble Bundle Weekly sale has launched, offering a DRM-free pay-what-you-want sale of the popular action RPG Bastion. The sale will last for one week allowing those who want the Windows, Mac or Linux version of the game a chance to pick it up on the cheap. If you pay more than the average price of $2.65, you'll get extra bonus content, the digital soundtrack, a digital art pack, some nifty Bastion sheet music and special ringtones. If you pay $25 or more you get the game along with a Bastion Bandana, the Bastion Original Soundtrack CD, a Bastion postcard, a Transistor postcard (Supergiant's next game), and free worldwide shipping.

This sale is only a week long so if you are interested in picking up Bastion, you can visit the Humble Bundle Weekly web site now. We assume this means that there will now be a single sale of a game every week, which is a good thing.


Re: Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Debuts with Bastion

I already own the game and soundtrack so there is not a lot here to get me to buy it again. 

That's two in a row HB guys. What's going on?

Re: Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Debuts with Bastion

Same here, at least they're offering a few new things as well that have never been tried before. The sheet music interests me quite a bit...

On the other hand, I really recommend Bastion to anyone who likes action/adventure games. It's an amazing game.

Re: Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Debuts with Bastion

I'm intrigued by the sheet music.  I wonder if it's legitimate or EZ Piano crap.


Andrew Eisen

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