Sen. Jay Rockefeller Responds to New York Daily News Report

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) pounced on a New York Daily News report published on Monday about the investigation into Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter Adam Lanza. Rockefeller, who has long been a critic of video games has been pushing for a study on the impact of violent video games on children, said that most of the popular titles played in America contain “often obscene levels of violence."

Rockefeller also hinted that it might be time for something the government enjoys doing – some good old fashioned censorship:

"In today’s world, where kids can access content across a variety of devices often without parental supervision, it is unrealistic to assume that overworked and stressed parents can prevent their kids from viewing inappropriate content,” Rockefeller said Monday – according to a New York Daily News report. "The only real solution is for the entertainment industry to reduce the often obscene levels of violence in the products they sell."

The paper published a report on Monday saying that Adam Lanza had a gigantic spread sheet with data on past mass shootings and the anonymous source the paper tapped claimed it was more like a "score sheet" because the shooter was an "enraged gamer."

Of course Rockefeller, a long-time critic of the video game industry isn't just making a "polite" suggestion here. He's talking about how lawmakers can find ways to make the industry change the games they make through legislation.

Source: NYDN by way of PHX Corp.


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