AbleGamers Foundation Nominated for MS Society Da Vinci Award

The AbleGamers Foundation has been named a finalist in the MS Society Da Vinci awards for its game accessibility guidelines – Includification. Includification is a 48-page fully-illustrated game accessibility guidelines document for developers to make games more accessible to gamers with various disabilities.

“Words cannot express how proud I am of the work we put into Includification and how it turned out,” said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. “We really poured our hearts and souls into that document. It has decades of research and personal experience pointing out everything developers can do to assist gamers with disabilities in a cost effective and practical manner. The document turned out beautifully and so many studios have been incredibly thankful for its inception.”

“We are honored to be a da Vinci finalist,” he continued. “AbleGamers would love to go on and win the Leo, if enough people vote for us, but simply being selected as one of the three finalists is a tremendous honor.”

“Includification was a complete labor of love,” said Steve Spohn, Community Outreach Chair of the AbleGamers Foundation. “Being disabled gamers ourselves, we understood the problems from the standpoint of a gamer who happens to have a disability, and our 10 years of experience in the game industry allowed us to smash together two completely different viewpoints into one spectacular document everyone can learn from.”

In order to win the award, AbleGamers must mobilize a large number of public votes. Those who would like to help AbleGamers win can do so by liking this video on YouTube.


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