‘Collaborative Consumption Service’ Lynx2Games Launches

Lynx2Games launches today, promising a new online video game "collaborative consumption service" that lets users rent and own popular titles at "highly discounted prices." Powered by a social e-commerce marketplace called LynxSquare, Lynx2Games uses a share-the-cost system enabling players to team up on purchases of new releases. Lynx2Games lets members rent a new game for three weeks for $19.99 and then ship it to a buyer within the community that wants it for $39.99. Using a social shopping platform called Friendsheet, Lynx2Games connects users with fellow community members who want to share a game.

"Lynx2Games delivers the highly sought major video game releases to renters upon release and to the buyer who can wait just a few weeks to own a major game for a fraction of the retail or used price," says CEO Zul Momin. "This shared product model is unique to the games industry but long overdue. The industry and community feedback we've received shows that the service's untapped potential gives it the opportunity to be highly successful."

You can find out more at www.lynx2games.com. You can also check out this video to see how it all works.


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