Poll: How Will John Riccitiello’s Departure Affect EA’s Future?

Well, EA's been having a hell of a March, hasn't it?

After one of the single most face-palmingly disastrous product launches in the history of video games, long-time Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has resigned from the company, accepting full responsibility for this year's projected less-than-favorable financial results.

Riccitiello will be hanging around for a few weeks.  After that, former CEO and executive chairman Larry Probst will take over while a replacement CEO is found (my money's on Probst ending up with the job).

So, with different leadership, what do you predict for EA's future?  Is it doom and gloom or sunshine and roses?  Maybe something in between?  Vote in this week's poll then litter the comments section with your opinions and predictions.  You can also send us your thoughts at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.

On next week's podcast, EZK and I will reveal the poll results and discuss any new SimCity related shenanigans as well as your thoughts on EA's future.  It'll be fun!

Even if I'm barely coherent after spending every waking hour this week playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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