Call of Duty Endowment Uses $1.1 Million in Grants for ‘Chapterization’

Activision's Call of Duty Endowment announced plans to open up a number of chapters around the country using $1.1 million in grant money. They are calling this initiative "Chapterization." The Call of Duty Endowment also announced the appointment of its first full-time Executive Director – Dan Goldenberg. Goldenberg has 21 years of active and reserve military service and currently serves as a commander in the Navy Reserve.

The Call of Duty Endowment organizers describe Chapterization as a "new funding strategy, whereby the Call of Duty Endowment will provide grants to organizations to enable them to expand by opening new regional offices (‘chapters’) in areas where the most unemployed veterans have the most need."

The organization will start this process by giving out five grants to Atlanta, Georgia-based Hire Heroes USA to open new offices in San Diego; Denver, Colorado-based Veterans Green Jobs to open offices in Los Angeles; Lanham, Maryland-based AMVETS, Huntsville, Alabama-based Still Serving Veterans; and the Washington, D.C.-based National Chamber Foundation.

You can learn more about the organization and the good work that it does at


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