Report: European Wii U eShop 18+ Restrictions Lifted

Remember those ridiculous age restrictions on Wii U eShop content in Europe because Nintendo of Europe is based out of Germany and subject to German laws about content? Yeah, well those silly restrictions have been removed much to the delight of our Wii U owning brothers and sisters in various regions throughout Europe including the UK, according to Daily Joypad.

Prior to this change, 18+ rated games were strongly restricted on the European eShop until 11pm. And when we say "strongly" restricted we mean you couldn't even look at content related to a game on the eShop until late in the evening – even if you were an adult. At the time, Nintendo of Europe said that its hands were tied because it was headquartered in Germany and therefore under the obligation of German law. As you know, the German government has some pretty strict rules about video games, with many developers and publishers being forced to jump through hoops and make major alterations to their games in order to get them released in the country…

Thanks to both Cheater87 and Andrew Eisen for letting us know about this story.

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