Sega: We Will No Longer Remove Shining Force Videos from YouTube

If you are one of those YouTube users who put up a Shining Force video and had it unceremoniously yanked by YouTube at the request of Sega, then you'll be happy to read this story. Sega says via this Sega forum post that it will no longer engage in such anti-community activities any longer (thanks to Andrew Eisen for sending this one in).

"Thank you to all of our fans for waiting while we worked hard to get this issue solved," wrote Sega of America – Associate Brand Manager RubyEclipse. "While SEGA may need to remove videos in rare cases, we’re happy to confirm that there are no further plans to remove Shining Force videos uploaded to Youtube by users living in North American and European territories. Additionally, if you live in these territories and your video was removed, please get in touch with us at so that we can look into it for you."

"SEGA believes strongly in our fans and we apologize for any inconvenience. You all are what keep us going – thank you!"

So if you are one of the many victims of Sega's ill-conceived campaign of terror against Shining Force videos on YouTube, now you can rest easy and have that video restored.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    So will Sega be working proactively with Google and the users whose videos were taken down in order to remove the strike against them? Every user who had a video taken down received a strike against them that will likely prevent them from ustilizing Youtube to its fullest. These strikes add up and getting a false strike like the one Sega gave them is not good for the community.

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    ecco6t9 says:

    Seems like Sega of Japan realized that Sega of America doesn't give a crap about the Shining Series.


    If it cannot be exploited yearly(Sonic) or have a crappy anime(Sands of Destruction) tied to it then Sega of America wants nothing to do with it.

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    Conster says:

    So after more than 3 months, they decide to finally acknowledge it and announce they'll stop (and from a cynical perspective, perhaps because they've accomplished what they intended to do) and offer a half-hearted apology, in a single forum post instead of a seperate topic, and this somehow reflects on them positively?

    Dang, I guess this SMBC was right.

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    ALIENwolve says:

    Most companies would simply ignore such a situation.

    I'm rather impressed that SEGA actually admitted its own PR shortcomings and declared intentions to resolve them. It actually does improve on their image far more than pretending nothing happened.

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    grenaid says:

    I think its more amazing that there is no apology.  

    "We worked hard to get this issue solved."  This wasn't a bug.  This is a reversal of a policy decision.  They didn't even use the right template in this letter.  They seem to reiterate a common sense view of sometimes needing to take down some videos (though what is common sense to sega now?)  and then offer to "look into" if they can let someone put their own video back up.  Still extremely entitled.

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    Michael Chandra says:

    I’d fire my PR department over this. They took this long just to make such a statement and don’t even properly publicize it? What are they being paid for then??

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