Kickstarter Game-Related Pledges Pass $107 Million Milestone

Just how much money has been pledged to game projects so far on Kickstarter? According to data released by the popular crowd funding platform, right around $107.6 million. Since the site's launch four years ago, more than 633,242 backers have pledged to over 4,500 Games projects, nearly 1,000 of these were pledged to in the last year.

The Kickstarter community has pledged $107.6 million to games to-date, with right around 1,476 game projects receiving their total funding goal. In 2012, Kickstarter saw $83,144,565 in pledges in its games category. That is a dramatic jump from the paltry pledges of $3,855,692 a year before. And 2013 is off to a grand start with $22,423,264 in pledges being made for games.

You can saw the raw figures here.

Source: Polygon


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