OpenFeint Co-Founder to Debut Open Sourced Alternative at GDC

While GREE made a lot of developers upset when it discontinued the OpenFeint platform in December of last year, the co-founder of the social mobile platform will soon have something to replace it. Late last year GREE shut down the OpenFeint platform, feeling that Apple's GameCenter was dominating the space. Much to the chagrin of developers using that platform, they were not given enough time to migrate their game data to another platform and lost a lot of the user data they were storing in the OpenFeint cloud.

"For whatever strategic reasons, they decided to alienate a lot of their customers," OpenFeint co-founder Peter Relan told Gamasutra.

OpenFeint co-founder Peter Relan will soon debut OpenKit, a cross-platform alternative that builds on the lessons learned while making and operating OpenFeint. He'll make a grand debut of the product at GDC this week. OpenKit promises cloud storage for leaderboards and achievements, handles push notifications, and eases in-app purchasing. The difference between OpenFeint and OpenKit is that OpenKit is open source.

"The two big asks [when speaking to developers] were: give us cloud services for our Unity games, and help us migrate off OpenFeint to OpenKit," says Relan. "So we did it. This is an open source project: developers are the voice of OpenKit."

OpenKit is partnering with Kitboost, to offer "free assistance and full service migration services" for developers to make the move. For those interested in checking it out, OpenKit will have a booth at the GDC expo hall. A public beta will begin in April with a launch in May.

You can learn more about it at

Source: Gamasutra


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