Desktop Dungeons Beta Free for GDC Week

If you like free things then you may want to get in on this action. From now until March 31 you can play the beta version of Desktop Dungeons for free simply by signing up here and proving that you are not some sort of filthy robot (no offense to filthy robots out there).

After signing up and confirming your humanity you can play this game described by developer QFC Design as a roguelike puzzle RPG that you can play during a coffee break. The game is between casual and hardcore in that it is fairly easy to pick up and play but you'll find yourself dying frequently (as is the case with roguelikes) because the game is "tricky and unforgiving."

If you like the game you'll be happy to know that QFC Design will allow you to save your progress after the beta ends next week. If you like the game enough, you can jump to its pre-order page and grab various packages by putting some money down.

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