GP Poll Results: John Riccitello's Exit from EA

March 26, 2013 -

Last week we asked you "How will John Riccitello's departure affect the future of Electronic Arts?" Exactly 481 votes were cast, with the majority coming to the conclusion that not much will change when EA's outspoken CEO leaves the company and his role on the publisher's board of directors.

Only 2 percent (11 votes) said that it would be "nothing but sunshine and roses from here on out!"; 26 percent of you said that there was "nowhere to go but up. Am I right?"; another 11 percent proclaimed that "EA is Doomed!"; and a whopping 62 percent (296 votes) said that "nothing will change."

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll - look for a new poll question later this week. For a more in-depth discussion of last week's poll question, check out Episode 46 of the SuperPAC.


Re: GP Poll Results: John Riccitello's Exit from EA

Greed is like War, and War never changes.

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