Kickstarter Launches for The Big Blue from Ecco the Dolphin Creators

We totally flaked yesterday and forgot to mention this interesting Kickstarter promising a game from the folks behind the popular Sega series, Ecco the Dolphin. The game is called The Big Blue and it is being built by Ed Annunziata and former members of the Ecco the Dolphin development team including programmer Laszlo Szenttornyai and composer Spencer Nilsen.

He has also tapped Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary to create a "dynamic soundtrack that responds to player actions and onscreen activity," and Jon Berg (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) to help with character design.

"I’ve been thinking about this game for two decades," said Annunziata, president and CEO of Playchemy. "20 years ago when we made the first Ecco the Dolphin, we were young; the available (16-bit) technology was relatively primitive. We’re older now, and have the vision, energy and technical horsepower to create an evolutionary, revolutionary underwater adventure game; to make it the game we always envisioned, teaming with creatures and really ‘alive’."

Set 1 million years in the future, following the extinction of humans (sucks to be us), the game’s back-story focuses on the Gaia theory where the Earth is a giant, interconnected living organism. The Big Blue deals with a variety of themes including climate change, mass extinction, evolution and biogenesis as dolphins, porpoises and whales, rise to power. These noble sea creatures have the ability to ‘sing’ new creatures into being with their ‘life songs’.

Playchemy is trying to raise $665,000 to support the game’s development. If the team reaches its stretch goals, they will add multiplayer cooperative play, make the game an MMO, and seek to bring the game to console platforms including the Ouya. The Big Blue Kickstarter campaign ends on April 29, 2013. If you'd like to contribute then check out The big Blue Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

You can learn more about Playchemy at


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