Project Awakened Tries Another Round of Crowd Funding

Project Awakened recently suffered a major setback when the Kickstarter campaign asking for $500,000 in crowd-funding missed the mark by $161,502. Being so close to the goal and garnering the support of 6,287 backers,

Phosphor Games has decided that it will try again – but this time it will do it without the help of Kickstarter. Right now those backers who want to see this open-ended super powered action game world come alive can fund it again at

Phosphor Games also said that it was seeking half the amount it did last time – $250,000. If every backer comes back to try to fund the game one more time it will surely succeed this time…

So why did Phosphor Games decide to give it another go? Because a survey of its backers asked them to continue:

“Yes, we're back. We decided after much debate around Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others, that we wanted to create our own site that could support Paypal and start a community that we could move forward with past the end of the campaign. If we don't reach our minimum of $250k in 6 weeks, we are committed to refunding everyone who pledges, which we can script through Paypal. Hopefully that addresses the concerns some of you had around the comfort level you get with Kickstarter."

You can find out more about reward tiers, packages and more at They have already raised $39,726.00 from 660 backers as of this writing.


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