Facebook Brings Big Numbers to GDC

March 27, 2013 -

Facebook was at the Game Developers Conference today in San Francisco throwing around a lot of facts and figures to show that it is still a popular and relevant gaming platform. The company said that over 250 million users are still playing Facebook games each month, accounting for around 20 percent of the social network's daily traffic. Facebook also claims that over 100 game makers generated over $1 million (each) or more last year. Collectively game developers earned over $2 billion in payouts.

Facebook said that its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices sent 263 million clicks to the App Store and Google Play in February. It also pushed the notion that players just love Facebook integration, noting that over half (55 percent) of the top 400 iOS apps used it.

Finally Facebook says that gaming will be an integral part of the social network's new timeline design by offering a new game section that will let users list their favorite games.

Source: The Verge



Re: Facebook Brings Big Numbers to GDC

55% usage in the top 400 apps for integration seems low.  Why didn't they show stats for top 500? does it drop off drastically? Why not show total integration numbers? Yay useless statistics that try to promote your own business.

Re: Facebook Brings Big Numbers to GDC

55% of 400 is 220 apps. That is a lot. Even if you include the next 100 apps and assume that none of those 100 have integration, you still have a 44% integration rate. That is still impressive for an integration API that is not required for iPhone development.

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