The Foundry Group Invests in New Harmonix IP

Harmonix has secured funding for three of its upcoming products from Colorado-based capital venture firm The Foundry Group, according to Polygon. The firm generally invests in companies that are in the business of "human computer interaction," and its last high profile investment land at Zynga.

"We are pleased to announce that Brad [Feld, managing director at the Foundry Group] will be joining the board of Harmonix," according to a statement on The Foundry Group's website. "The company, best known for developing three massive game franchises — Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central — is hard at work on a new generation of games that transform the way humans and computers interact."

The three games mentioned were (sort of) outed way back in June of 2012 and are not related to its major IPs – Rock Band and Dance Central. One is supposedly a real-time combat game.

Just how much of an investment The Foundry Group is making is unknown as of this writing.

Source: Polygon

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