‘Micro Items’ Coming to PS3, PC Versions of Black Ops 2 April 12

If you felt left out when Activision community manager Dan Amrich revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would be getting in-game micro-transactions earlier this month, then you'll be happy the hear that the PS3 and Windows versions of the game will get the same options beginning on April 12. Dan Amrich made the announcement this week via his One of Swords blog.

Here's what he said about it:

"Earlier this month, Micro Items came to Black Ops II players on Xbox 360, and I heard from a lot of PS3 and PC fans who asked 'When I can get my very own Bacon Personalization Pack?'I am happy to say @CallOfDuty has just revealed that all the Micro Items — including Nuketown 2025, Nuketown Zombies, the Extra Slots Pack, the Flags of the World Packs, and all the Personalization Packs — will be available for download & purchase on April 12."

You can find details on all these in-game items at the One of Swords Blog. These items are not included in the Season Pass, in case you were wondering about that…


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