PC Gaming Alliance Releases Annual Report on the State of 'PC Gaming'

March 27, 2013 -

The PC Gaming Alliance, a not-for-profit industry consortium dedicated to evangelizing the PC Gaming space delivered annual custom research results to PCGA members, and shared portions of the findings with the press at a news conference during GDC this week.

"The PC Gaming industry showed strong overall growth of 8% in 2012, partly as a result of the Chinese market gaining traction in the $20 billion global market with record revenues of $6.8 billion," said DFC analyst David Cole. "In spite of media focus on mobile games and struggling social network games, there are now over 1 billion PC gamers worldwide and that number will continue to grow as more PCs connect online. The ‘PCGA Pinnacle Report for Software’ describes this in close detail."

The PC Gaming Alliance also announced that "significant work" has been done on the "PC Gaming Certification and Logo Program" for PC Gaming, but the group recognizes that a lot of work remains and invites the industry to participate.

"Because market conditions change, the PCGA certification program will remain under continual development to address specific industry challenges. Retail boxes are disappearing, and recommended system requirements often confuse consumers more than they help," said Matt Ployhar, PCGA President and analyst at Intel. "Consumers are now faced with the daunting task of determining if their new Tablets and All-in-Ones (AiO) are x86 based, will they support DirectX, OpenGL and/or WebGL, and the various operating systems their favorite PC game will play? PCGA members will be the force for good that will define, develop and deploy the next generation of certifications to help and assist Developers and Consumers alike to navigate these issues."

Some of the data from the PCGA Pinnacle Report: Software 2012 report from DFC Intelligence:

-The global PC gaming software market continues to show strong growth in 2012, reaching a record US$20 billion - overall growth of 8 percent over 2011 and 90 percent growth since the PCGA’s first report in 2008.

-China continues to be the largest and fastest growing market for PC games with record 2012 revenue of US$6.8 billion, a growth of percent. Mature game markets in Korea, Japan, U.S., U.K. and Germany all showed growth in 2012. Together these markets also increased revenue by percent in 2012, to $8.4 billion.

-There are over 1 billion PC gamers worldwide and that number is continuing to grow as more PCs are connected online. Over 250 million of those gamers play what are defined as "core games."

-The growth of mobile is helping the PC game business. The combination of mobile and PC as platforms is helping drive the growth of small self-funded teams that can develop more targeted products on a modest budget.

-The PC game business will continue to grow at a pace of 6 percent CAGR to $25.7 billion by 2016. This growth is driven by growing access to broadband connections and the increasing ease of digital distribution delivery solutions and payment methods on a global basis.

You can learn more about the group at www.pcgamingalliance.org.


Re: PC Gaming Alliance Releases Annual Report on the State ...

I called this organisation a joke when it was first conceived and I will continue to call it a joke now. Even after it's inception, member organisations left out. The state of PC gaming continues to worsen with poor ports of console titles coming to the platform several months (on average) after their console counter-parts; and that's if they are ever released at all. Some of them are even vastly inferior to their console counter-parts (2K Sports) or leave PC gamers out of contest. Frankly, PC gaming won't take off again until Publishers see it as profitable (which it very well should be based on the sheer proliferation of capable machines with a properly coded port) and come off of their high horse regarding DRM and piracy (and cease to pretend that Piracy does not occur on consoles).

Papa Midnight

Re: PC Gaming Alliance Releases Annual Report on the State ...

The fact that Gamestop is a member and Valve isn't shows just how big a joke the organization is.

Add to it that both Microsoft and NVidia left the organization and what do you have left? Not a whole lot.

If they can convince Valve to join and get NVidia back, I might change my tune. 

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