Toronto Woman Slams Microsoft, Praises EA Sports After FIFA 13 Charges

A mother in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) blames lax security at Microsoft after her 11-year-old son's Xbox Live account was hacked for $300 in fraudulent charges for in-game content. Jennifer Stubbs of Toronto said an unknown hacker charged the FIFA 13 Ultimate in-game buys to her credit card.

"I wasn't aware that these purchases were happening," she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "Someone had gone into our device remotely."

One day her son Dylan went to play FIFA 13 Ultimate and found that all the players he had bought in the game with his mother's permission had been stolen. Stubbs said she was surprised when her credit card bill showed $409 in charges from Microsoft, four times as many purchases as Dylan's Xbox showed.

"The device says he bought 7,000 points," she said. "The Visa says he bought 25,000 points."

On a positive note, FIFA 13 makers EA Sports replaced all of her son's lost points so he could buy back his players after she complained about the theft, but Microsoft has not been so cooperative.

Microsoft said that it was working on the problem.

"In this industry, security is an ongoing challenge and we are working every day to bring new forms of protection to Xbox Live," the company said.

The most common way that people are getting scammed with FIFA through Xbox Live is via a (successful by most accounts) series of email phishing schemes. We're not sure if young Dylan fell victim to one of those schemes but EA Sports showed that it was capable of doing the right thing.

Source: UPI


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    ALIENwolve says:

    This has been an ongoing issue and it's happened to me.

    This vulnerability has always been there, but FIFA is giving a profitable outcome from that vulnerability. I don't even OWN FIFA.

    The bastards and their little trading card DLC effectively lets somebody launder money through a video game. Up until FIFA13, you could steal an XBL account and buy content, but it was just content. Back then, the only thing you could get out of breaking into an account was something you could already pirate.

    The best way to avoid it is to keep your account balance to a minimum and prevent remote charges to your card associated with the account. Every time money passes must be with your permission.

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