Vanguard Servers to Merge April 4

March 28, 2013 -

Sony Online Entertainment will merge the two remaining servers for its MMO Vanguard into one big server on April 4 at 10 p.m. PDT, the company announced this week. On April 9, the European Halgar server will permanently be taken offline, following its merge with the Telon server. SOE warned players that when this happens the game will be down for a 24 hour period - but that's not the worst of it; when the two servers are merged into one server some characters may be affected.

Any character over level 10 will be moved to the new server during this time, while characters under level 10 that have logged in between Oct. 3, 2012 and April 3, 2012 will also be moved. But this merge of game data will also increase the likelihood of characters that share the same name. To deal with this SOE has decided that the character that last logged in will retain their name while others with the same name will be prompted to change their character name at their next attempted log-in.

SOE also said that users who purchased in-game housing on the Halgar servers will be reimbursed and will need to buy new housing plots. House items, fixtures and building material will be returned to the player via an in-game merchant.

You can learn more about how this merge of servers will affect you here.

Source: Polygon



Re: Vanguard Servers to Merge April 4

I have to give SOE some credit; most other MMO publishers would have shut down this turkey long ago.  (Of course, if they'd given it more support early on, and not rushed the launch, it might not be such a turkey).


Re: Vanguard Servers to Merge April 4

I think it still would've flopped, since the design goal was "hey, you know all the tedious bullshit that got bred out of the genre? Let's make our game focused on that!"

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