Crytek USA CEO Bidding on Darksiders IP

The new CEO of Crytek USA David Adams says that he wants to buy the Darksiders franchise from THQ. Writing on Twitter, Adams said the IP should stay with its makers. Adams co-founded Darksiders makers Vigil Games.

Surprisingly, no one purchased Vigil Games or the Darksiders series during THQ's auction in January. This led to the studio being closed and the future of the franchise left in limbo. While Vigil Games was shut down, Adams and 35 other Vigil Games developers were hired by Crytek to open up an office in North America. At the time Crytek said that its new North American office would not develop any new Darksiders games.

Assuming that Adams could somehow purchase the rights to the series, it could be that Crytek USA might just be developing a new Darksiders game at some point after all…

Source: GameSpot


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