EA Crushes the Competition in Worst Company in America: Round 2

In what can only be called a savage beating, Electronic Arts beat the holy hell out of Facebook in the latest round of The Consumerist's Worst Company in America. EA is like 1980's Mike Tyson so far. In the first round it beat down and crushed Anheuser-Bucsch with 92% of the vote. Against Facebook, it was a similar beating, with 79%. Sure, it is a dubious distinction for EA, but it is likely that the SimCity launch trumps everything questionable thing done on Facebook or at the breweries of Anheuser-Bucsch. It is likely that SimCity players who feel like EA burned them badly are being very vocal in this contest.

The next major battle for EA will be against AT&T – who managed to beat Verizon, Apple, and Microsoft to make it to the third round. Other winners going to the fourth round are Wal-Mart and Bank of America. Meanwhile Carnival and Spirit Airlines are still slugging it out for a third-place spot, as are Time Warner Cable and FedEx. Finally, Comcast and DirecTV are vying for that third spot to go up against the winner of the TWC-FedEx fight.

At this point it's anyone game to win (and by win we mean be dishonored by customers).

Thanks to Papa Midnight for the tip.

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    Spencer S. says:

    I think the fact that EA won in 2012 and is getting so far this year is an embarrassment to the gaming community. It really is a stupid reflection on where people's priorities lie. There is a difference between being butthurt about inconveniences regarding playing video games due to EA's business practices, and companies that are actually affecting people's LIVES due to things they do that are inherently WRONG like Bank of America and Walmart.

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    Craig R. says:

    As much as this kind of 'competition' can be amusing, it's obviously being skewed by a bunch of disgruntled gamers.

    EA is arguably easily the worst gaming company. But worse than some of those other companies, like Facebook or Wal-Mart or even Carnival? Give me a freakin' break.

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