Poll Results: How Many Xbox 360 Consoles Have Died on You?

Last week we asked you how many Xbox 360 consoles have died on you? for our poll question. A lot of you were interested in weighing in on this topic, making it the most voted on poll to-date with 945 votes (thanks to everyone that voted). While 28 percent (262 votes) of the votes went to "I have never owned an Xbox 360," it was a tie between "never" (226 votes) and "only one" (228 votes). Both clocked in at 24 percent. Approximately 14 percent (132 votes) said that they had at least two systems die, five percent (43 votes) said that three Xbox 360's gave up the ghost on them, and six percent (54 votes) said they had four or more systems die on them.

Doing a little math based on these figures, voters had a total of 837 Xbox 360's die on them:

228 (from poll answer #2)
264 (from #3)
129 (from #4)
216 (from #5)

Again, thanks to everyone who participated in last week's poll. We're sorry that Microsoft doesn't make a better console…

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  1. 0
    sqlrob says:

    This was fixed primarily because the class action suits ramping up.

    With class action now disallowed (in the US) with the MS TOS, why should I want Durango?


  2. 0
    Spencer S. says:

    I bought my first Xbox 360 in January of 2007, and it red-ring'd that September. When I got a replacement from Microsoft two weeks later, that 360 worked forever. I got a Xbox 360 Slim on launch day in 2010 and that has worked without any problems ever since.

  3. 0
    Overcast says:

    You might need a dozen of them… lol

    I bought 3; only the last one remains and it's not in terribly good shape – and that's it for Microsoft game consoles, but that's ok – I'm a PC gamer mostly anyway. Although the PS4 is tempting…

    But no way, no more M$ consoles.

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