China’s Army: Glorious Mission Downloaded More Than a Million Times

The Chinese military publicly released a shooter a few months ago called Glorious Mission and it has proven to be a hit – according to this BBC report. The game, which is obviously pro-Chinese military because it was designed initially as a sort of training tool for soldiers in the Communist country, has been downloaded more than a million times.

Gu Kai, vice-president of the software developers behind the game, Giant Network Technology, says this game will likely help bring in new army recruits.

"I would hope that somebody will play the game and fulfill their dream," he says. "Most young boys, from the bottom of their hearts, want to be a soldier. They like to fight, they like to win, and if this video game can make that dream come true, I won't be surprised."

Gu Kai says that the officials he's met are no longer opposed to gaming. In fact some sources tell BBC that authorities might be about to officially abandon their long-standing moral objections to the content the gaming industry produces. There have even been rumors (which we have reported on in the past) that China might lift its long-standing ban on home console systems.

"I've met some of the officials," he says. "They stopped worrying about video games years ago."

"Most of them are promoting gaming as a new, hopeful and fast growing industry. At least here in Shanghai all the officials are very open and supportive."

Of course the idea of using video games a recruitment tool for the armed forces is hardly a new one: the U.S. military did the same thing a long time ago with America's Army. And let's be honest: a million downloads is a drop in the bucket in a country with such a gigantic population base…

Source: BBC


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